Thanksgiving Blues

Turkey is smoking                               The gravy is burnt
Cranberry’s missin’                              I hadn’t learnt
Should’ve called grandma                  She’d know just what to do
Grandma don’t answer                       I got them Thanksgivin’ blues

The in-laws are coming                       Bringing their friends
The toilet has backed up                     The fun never ends
Next time I’ll tell them                         We’ve all got the flu
No sign of grandma                             I got them Thanksgivin’ blues

There’s football on TV                         Just after one
Don’t know who’s playing                   But it sure sounds like fun
Festive occasions                                 I know you love them too
Hope grandma’s not wasted               I got them Thanksgivin’ blues

Kids on their iPads                                Mom’s got her wine
I’m in my easy chair                              Marking the time
Pie’s overrated                                      Ambrosia too
Grandma just show’d up                      I got them Thanksgivin’ blues

There’s cornbread dressin’                   Calling my name
Jim’s on his blessin’                              But no word has changed
Amen y’all!                                            We got work to do
Grandma brought fixins’                      I love them Thanksgivin’ blues