Thanksgiving Blues

Turkey is smoking                               The gravy is burnt
Cranberry’s missin’                              I hadn’t learnt
Should’ve called grandma                  She’d know just what to do
Grandma don’t answer                       I got them Thanksgivin’ blues

The in-laws are coming                       Bringing their friends
The toilet has backed up                     The fun never ends
Next time I’ll tell them                         We’ve all got the flu
No sign of grandma                             I got them Thanksgivin’ blues

There’s football on TV                         Just after one
Don’t know who’s playing                   But it sure sounds like fun
Festive occasions                                 I know you love them too
Hope grandma’s not wasted               She’s got them Thanksgivin’ blues

Kids on their iPads                                Mom’s got her wine
I’m in my easy chair                              Marking the time
Pie’s overrated                                      Ambrosia too
Grandma just show’d up                      We’ve got them Thanksgivin’ blues

There’s cornbread dressin’                   Calling my name
Jim’s on his blessin’                              But no word has changed
Amen y’all!                                            We got work to do
Grandma brought fixins’                      I love them Thanksgivin’ blues

©2018 by Pinkston Laser Project