Sent me her new address today  

I can't believe the things she had to say

I'm a member of the local CIA   

And invitations just don't come my way

Can't you see her in an undersized overcoat

And my 45 in the fog yeah


Downtownin' we burn our overtime

Bonfire, we melting down the dime

In the shadows we hide from the sunshine

And she keeps the lemon while I take the lime

Can't you hear her with her high-heel, low-deal

With a photo of her old man and his wheels


It's crazy, don't you think we've got the time

We're lazy and afraid of what we'll find

Stop the tape and I'll complete the line

I hear a ticking in the latest valentine

Well look around there's a dark eye watching you

A heart beating with a code that must beat through

I'm a spy that's standing here wanting you