Raise the Sails

Raise the sails and look to the breeze     Come along as we ride on with ease

Ahhhh we're all sailors of soul winds     Pushing off to capture our end

When the night is floating o'er the   silent     ship of      time   

We must know its just the moon that shines    parading a    new day


Call the wind and follow your heart  Touch your friends and ply out your art

Where is the captain of time?     He's lost deep in his mind

When the morning sun comes shining through my open window

I can hear the ocean call my name    My voyage awaiting


Now sometimes the north wind       Comes bringing a cloudy day

Batten your hopes down                  Be ready to sail away


Set your compass         Steady your course


I know a lady who sails so light     Singing songs on the blue sea tonight

Soon she'll be gliding through star shine     On her way to a better time

Can't you hear the seagulls cry     They spend their days just dreaming

As they fly they know there's nothing left to keep them waiting for her hand