Lady of Light

She wore a cross, she held a flower     Into my eyes she shone her power

She walked across the room      And with a whisper called the moon

Ahhhhh Lady of Light      Where have you been?


She spoke in rhymes, she touched the sea      She said she knew the truth about me

How can she know the truth     She sweeps her memories through the stardust

Ahhhhh    Lady of Light     What have you seen?


Lady of Light     You've come through eternity     And now you're here tonight

Cast your spell      Of magical mystery     Fill our world with light   


A thread of time is spun in gold      Its spinning through a spinning world

She knows her lightest touch can turn the darkness into daybreak

Ahhhhh      Lady of Light     What have you done?


Her song has settled in my ear     But it will leave me soon I fear

When she has reached the moment     Wings will take her through the sunrise

Ahhhhh     Lady of Light     What do you leave          Me?